How To Look Stylish In Oversized Outfits


Oversized clothes have quite a bad reputation for being the type of clothes to be worn only when one doesn’t want to put any effort into their look. Clothing pieces like sweaters, hoodies, and giant tee are known as the lazy day pieces, but you can still look stylish in any oversized outfit with these tips below.

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Don’t Go Too Oversized

A lot of women tend to buy oversized clothes that are way too big for their size. With the right pieces, this tactic may seem to work, but it’s not always the best idea as a general rule. Wearing overly oversized clothes will only look baggy in all the wrong places, even the right ones.

So when buying clothes, it’s best to get the items that are meant to have an oversized appearance and buy based on your size. If you’re looking for a bit looser, always stay within two or three of your standard size to prevent the unflattering bagginess.

Keep The Detail

When wearing loose clothing with a more relaxed fit, be sure that the pieces have some sort of the focal point, so you don’t get lost in a mass of fabric.

Unfortunately, when it comes to wearing oversized clothes, the detailing can be a bit slope. Try to stay away from details that may add extra bulk to your clothes, like thin, chunky materials and go for pieces with more subtle accents like textured neckline or lace trim instead.

Show A Little Skin

Wearing extremely loose clothing pieces can make you look shapeless. Wanting to look casual and comfortable in your loose clothes doesn’t mean you need to look like a blob. You can avoid that blob-like fate by wearing an oversized sweater with holes spaced throughout, or a tee without bottoms to show off the natural shape of your legs. But, avoid oversized cropped tops as they tend to make you look boxy, especially if you’re somewhat busty.

Keep Some Structure

Make sure that the oversized clothes you wear don’t lack structure. Wearing unstructured oversized outfits may end up looking baggy and unflattering no matter how curvy you are. Therefore, avoid any relaxed-fit pieces that seem shapeless as they can make you look larger than you’re real size. Make sure to wear anything structured like a tight, cowl neckline on an oversized sweater or a wide, bold collar on a loose-fitting coat or blazer.

Opt For Tights

Oversized tops and tights are the perfect pair as they fit perfectly against your skin and tights. They are also neutral and allow your oversized tops to be the singular focal point of your entire look. You can pair your black tights with an oversized tee or sweater and heeled booties to look slim and streamlined.

Try Short Skirts

A short skirt can balance an oversized top. The perfect fit of a skirt creates a streamlined finish for your overall look. Pair a short skirt with a fitted crop top and the oversized cardigan and chunky sneakers or booties to finish your look.

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Choose Texture Carefully

The texture of your oversized clothes makes all the difference in your overall look. Remember, thicker fabrics and heavy knits can make you look wider, so try to balance them with legging or other slim bottoms. Wearing loose-fitting thin and silky fabrics can also make you look shapeless, so use a belt to emphasize your shape.

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